A Unique Expedition Vessel

Anne Judith was born in a navy shipyard, 1943, which was originally designed as a minesweeper to clear mines in Malta after the World War 2. The commander on board at the time, was George Walky, an old traditional royal diver, who has turned the boat into a commercial salvage boat afterwards. Anne Judith has commenced various salvaging, fishing, and diving trips around Papua New Guinea until the late 1970s. It was one of the earliest of its kind in Indonesia. In 1977, George Walk sold the boat to a guy named Diz, as shipwright in North Fremantle in Perth, Australia. Diaz kept the boat until I came across it in 1983 and bought the boat on the spot. When I first saw her floating in the harbor of Fremantle, I’m instantly drawn to her and ended up spending the next 35 years living on the boat. As I’m also a commercial diver for 15 years before I bought the boat, I traced downed George Walky in Fremantle to get to know more about her History. It turned out that the name Anne Judith was the wife of George Walky and was registered in England. However, when I wanted to register it in Australia, there’s already an Anne Judith registered. The owner wanted to call it Judith Anne but ended up getting the license of Anne Judith, hence the name Anne Judith II. In 1983, The boat went through extensive repair and embarked on its first trip with me since May 1985. The first trip with Anne Judith, was in Indonesia, from Perth to Bali, doing diving and fishing trip. Afterwards, the boat stayed, half of the time in Bali and the other in Perth and started working as a commercial diving charter boat for a company named PT. Tour Deco. In 1984, the Anne Judith was chartered by the Italian’s team as the starter boat for American Cup. It’s the first time Australia ended USA’s longest winning streak of 132 years 1870 – 1983.

In 1988, Anne Judith was part of the tour sailing ship for 200 years of Australia celebration. After 1989, Anne Judith has stayed in Indonesia ever since. Anne Judith was the first ever charter and live-on-board boat existed in Indonesia, while all over boats are merely traditional fishing boat. It led and pioneered all the legendary surfing trip in all areas of Indonesia. On a trip going to Sumbawa in 1996, I met Paul King from the Surfer Company and took over the Easter side for surfing, diving fishing trip. Afterwards, Anne Judith was mainly used for exploration, surfing, and diving charter boat. It’s the classic motor sailor, the early days, 30 years ago in Indonesia, there was no internet, email, incredible. The whole point of Anne Judith was exploration, exploring the eastern part of the archipelago. It went through countless adventures, and sailed through earthquake, big swell, uninhabited island, during a period with little to no technology. With the ubiquity of all kinds of charter boats nowadays, Anne Judith was THE one to have ever started the trend. Maximum 16 people on the boat, 12 bunks and 4 staffs. It was a lifestyle, a choice and an adventure to live on board for 35 years, but I had to give the boat away. Back in 2005, Anne Judith was fully renovated, and every timber was replaced. Afterwards, the boat was sold, as my children would not continue running the business. In 2018, Anne Judith is going through another major transformation to be able to better accommodate the travel needs of the guests. We will be on our toes to wait for the legendary Anne Judith to reemerge.



Built : 1944

Rebuilt : 2005 – 2012

Design : North Sea Drifter

Designer : British Admiralty

LOA : 85 feet / 24 m

Beam : 19.5 feet / 5.5 m

Draft : 9 feet / 2.9 M

GT : 94 ton

Const. : Exotic Indonesian hard wood

Rig : Gaff Rigged Ketch

Sail : 3 sails

Flag : Indonesians

Homeport : Bali, Indonesia


Engine : Detroit 350 bhp

Generator : 2 x 32 kva Mitsubishi

Cruising speed : 8 knots

Fuel capacity : 4,500 liters

Water capacity : 2,000 liters


Cabin : 3 (2 double cabins + 1 quad cabin with 2 bunk beds)

Bathroom : 3 (2 en-suite)

Tender : 14 ft. Tender with Outboard (60 hp)

Toy : 2 x Life Rafts

The Crew

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