The Anne Judith Experience


You and your surf mates calling each other into a perfect line up of empty Mentawai surf as the sun sets on yet another perfect day riding the tropical waves of the Indian Ocean. The Anne Judith is the boat from where your surf dreams become a reality. Comfortable accommodation, a friendly crew who never fail to deliver with years of experience chasing the best waves, in the very best surf destinations on Earth. You, mates and epic waves.

Indonesia has long been on the hit list for surfers from around the globe, and The Mentawais and surrounding areas are the jewel in the crown.  You’ll still find yourself a million miles from the crowded breaks of Bali and Lombok. Fantastic weather and even better waves are waiting, in warm water where you’ll never need a wetsuit. A Mentawai Islands surf trip also means that you’ll get to experience the truly stunning natural beauty of a largely undiscovered region of Indonesia, experiencing a unique culture. The Anne Judith has recently been refitted to offer guests one of the very best boats for Mentawai surf charters. Fully air conditioned bedrooms, a comfortable salon and great deck area for chilling with a cold Bintang and delicious fresh served up daily are just some of the reasons we’re the boat from which to head on your Mentawais surf adventure. Thinking of a Mentawai surf camp, but really want it to be the ultimate mates’ trip? Look no further, the Anne Judith is exactly what you need.

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On board Anne Judith, you’ll find the accommodation split into three cabins – two of these have double beds with an en suite shower and the third has four single bunks. While the tropical climate is great for the warm water, a good night’s sleep is essential if you’re going to make the most of the waves so the cabins are air conditioned to keep you cool at night. The cabins are also fitted out with plenty of storage space for your gear. This arrangement is perfect for groups of six people, although we can accommodate up to eight upon request. The dining area has seating for eight people and the salon also has a TV and DVD player for after surf chill sessions. Out on deck you’ll find the bow end of the boat set up for relaxing and 2 cold beers per day are on us. There’s fishing and snorkelling gear on board, too, for when you’re not hitting the waves. Two electrical gen-sets mean the power is always on, the water pressure solid and we’re fitted with state of the art navigation equipment. Our destinations are pretty remote, so there’s a satellite phone too if you need to call home and tell people just how great the day’s waves were. It’s time to go surfing Mentawai style!

The Anne Judith has been around a while – she started out life as a Royal Navy vessel way back in 1944. From the North Sea in the UK, she made the long journey to Perth where a major refit saw Anne Judith transformed into a surf boat, and she’s been hunting waves in Indo for more than two decades. Recent additional refurbishments mean that you’ll be touring in total comfort with all modern conveniences. For most of the year, Anne Judith is still an owners’ boat, allowing them to live the dream and chase the best of Indo waves. Wanting to make that experience available to others, the boat is available to charter for around 120 days a year, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the surf trip of a life time. While most boat charters have fixed dates, because we want to offer up as close an experience to the owners’ as possible when they decide to head out wave hunting, we’re completely flexible when it comes to dates. We’ll travel on dates that suit you. Just let us know and we’ll make it happen if it’s somehow possible.

The boat can only take you so far though. It’s the crew who are really going to make your Mentawai surf trip special. There are five permanent crew members on board the Anne Judith: Abdul (Captain), Suykur (Chief Engineer) and Wayan (Frist Mate/ Cook) have been working with each other for more than 20 years. Rio and Made are the two remaining members of the crew, who have also travelled thousands of miles together hunting out waves in the Indian Ocean. That’s the sort of experience that money just can’t buy. It means they know the boat and waters like the back of their hand. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands at sea, and are with the best people to find the perfect waves for you. What’s more Wayan’s breakfast and fresh fish barbecues are the stuff legends are made of. Fitriani supports the team from our land base in Bali, taking care of logistics.

The Indonesian archipelago is comprised of over 17 000 islands stretching for more than 7000kms from east to west and more than 1700kms from north to south. Over 300 languages are spoken and it’s the world’s most populous Muslim country with over 260 million people. Over half of the Indonesians live on the island of Java, with Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia itself being home to an estimated more than 10 million people – that puts it in the official territory of Mega City. But with this population concentration, that leaves massive areas of the country with few residents, and still remote. And that’s certainly true for the Mentawais and surrounding areas.

The sharp reefs that create the breaks which attract surfers today, meant that the Mentawais remained isolated until the 19th century, despite being located only about 150kms from the coast of Sumatra – from which they are thought to have separated about

500 000 years ago.  They are home to unique flora and fauna, including a range of primates. Siberut, the main island is home to the majority of the population and approximately 60% is still covered with tropical rainforest, although deforestation for logging is a major issue in many parts of the archipelago.  Having been isolated for so long, change has happened more quickly in recent years with the arrival of tourism, logging and government schemes which have encouraged people to move from crowded to sparely populated regions and attempts to bring people into the ‘main stream’ have meant the traditional jungle communities have shrunk and the rainforest has come to be been seen as an economic resource. That said, it’s still a destination like nowhere else with supreme natural beauty and unique cultures far removed from what you’ll get to experience anywhere else. The Mentawais unquestionably remain an awesome destination for a surf adventure.  A Mentawai surf retreat should definitely be on your agenda as you travel the globe searching for the perfect wave.

While there may be more people than there used to be heading for an adventure of a lifetime. Across the different islands there’s a seemingly almost endless list of different breaks – 4 Bobs, Kandui, Scarecrows, Lances, Macaronis, Rifles, Beng Bengs, E-Bay, Telescopes, Hideaways, Nipussi and on the list goes… Surfing Mentawais is an experience you’ll never forget, in fact once probably won’t be enough.

The Mentawais aren’t the only jewel in the Indo surfing crown. The Banyak (meaning ‘many’ in Indonesian) Islands are another frontier for adventurous surfers chasing perfect uncrowded waves. There’s literally only a handful of boats that are operating full time in the Banyaks, and the Anne Judith is one of a select handful which also head to the Banyaks on charter. Part of Aceh Province, it’s only in recent years that it has become possible to secure permits to visit this part of Indonesia. That’s great news for those of you really seeking an adventure away from it all and the Banyaks attract far fewer visitors each year than the better known Mentawais. And in a country that’s perhaps best known for its lefts, the Banyaks offer up right after right for regular footers who aren’t too keen riding on the backhand. There are seven larger inhabited islands and a whole heap of smaller uninhabited islands, meaning the opportunities for adventure and finding great waves are never ending. So little are these islands visited and so many breaks there are to be ridden, that many still go unnamed. Although famed for its rights, there are plenty of left handers on offer too. Catch yourself some shallow barrels or take it easier on some of the more chilled waves – it’s all there waiting for you.

Another destination offered for your surf adventure on the Anne Judith are the Telos Islands, which also lie around 150KMs off the coast of Sumatra, with Nias to the north and the Mentawais to the south. Another frontier destination, which again remains less well known than many Indonesian surf destinations. You’ll be sure of uncrowded waves and in fact some of the breaks can be a little less intimidating that those on the Mentawais, so it’s a brilliant option if you want the adventure, empty waves but are perhaps with more of a mixed ability group. Exactly how many Telos islands there are depends on exactly how small of a rocky outcrop you call an island, but there are a lot – somewhere in the region on 50 – 100.  As you can image in this area of the world, that provides a surfing adventure playground.  When conditions are right – which is most of the time – you’ll find it going off and waves you’ll be talking about for years to come. Some of the famous breaks here include Rangas, Monkey, Lures and Mishos. You can rely on the Anne Judith’s crew to get the boat to wherever the best waves are given the conditions during your visit.

Nias is part of Indonesian surfing history. The main break here – a pretty much perfect right hander at Lagundri Bay – was first surfed by a small group of Australians in 1975. The breaks start to work on any thing from two feet up to 15 feet and there are a number to explore. A hefty earthquake sadly caused some serious damage back in 2005. Causing some destruction on land, which has since been rebuilt, for surfers there was a silver lining as it actually improved the main break.

With so much to discover, why restrict yourself to a Mentawai surf resort, when you and your best surf mates can be having the time of your life chasing empty waves on board the Anne Judith? And while still remote, getting to your starting point isn’t as difficult as you may think, with nearby areas being well served by airports.

If you’re heading to the Mentawais or Telos head to Padang in Sumatra where the boat will be waiting for you. The best option is to fly to Jakarta and then catch a connecting flight from there. You can also make your way via Kuala Lumpur, but there are more connecting flights from Jakarta. Make sure you get a flight that lands before 3pm on your first day, so there’s time for get sorted and head out, and leaves after 10am on your last day so you can make the most of your time out in the surf on your last day.

If you’ve chosen the Banyaks or Nias for your surf adventure, you’ll need to head to Medan. You can fly to either Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and catch a connecting flight from there. Again, Jakarta has the most connecting flights so is our preferred option. You’ll have to spend a night in Medan before grabbing a final morning flight for the short hop over to Nias where the boat, its crew and your adventure will be waiting.

The ultimate warm water surfing adventure is waiting for you, so grab your mates, board shorts and boards and come and join us!

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About The Anne Judith

The Anne Judith’s accommodation consists of three comfortable cabins, one with four large single beds; the other two are suites each with double bed and an en-suite bathroom. All three cabins are fully air-conditioned, and feature plenty of storage space. This arrangement is perfect for groups of up to six, and we can accommodate groups of up to eight people on request. The comfortable dining room seats 8 guests. Our cook Wayan will surprise you with freshly coal grilled specialties from our outside BBQ; his monstrous omelets will welcome you from a morning surf, and afternoon snacks are always ready.

We have a cozy hang-out area out by the bow that is a perfect sunset spot. Watch movies in the evenings on our TV/DVD player in the saloon. Beers are always cold and 2 Bintangs are complimentary (per person/day). We have two gen-sets and a water maker that ensure your shower has lots of pressure, is always warm & the AC cold. The Anne Judith is fitted with state of the art navigation equipment and a sat-phone for calls home when we’re in remote areas - which is most of the time!

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  • It was such a good trip @ Anne Judith. Surfed so much and scored some really, really good waves.
    Kyle Sims
  • Nice one boys. I'd love to come back soon. The trip exceeded my expectation. Such a sick crew on the boat with food and just willing to be constantly on the move. Cheers to the entire AJ crew!
    Sam McConnell
  • Thank you for the trip and for getting us together with Shayne, the surfguide, as well. He did a fantastic job of getting us PUMPING WAVES with minimal crowd (if any) most of the trip and is a really great guy that fit in well with our crew of surfers really well. Once again, our experience on board the Anne Judith was fantastic, both surfing and just being onboard. Please pass on our praises to the crew aboard for all of their hard work and good vibes!
    Cody Miggins
  • The crew were amazing. Helpful, friendly, and such a well oiled machine that at no point did we want for/ or need anything. The food that Wayan kept providing us with was so good. Fresh, healthy and super delicious! It is really amazing to see the care and upkeep that the crew have taken on such a beautiful boat, and again, we cannot sing their praises enough!
    Eli Keenan
  • To the Anne Judith, and all of it's crew! Thanks so much for the amazing Mentawai experience. All of my crew cannot speak highly enough of our time spent on the Anne Judith ll
    Ben Rasmussen
  • Sumba was fantastic in March on the Anne Judith. Empty waves, pristine offshore islands, superb fishing and the most amazing crew I’ve ever met on a surf boat. Thank you Captain Abdul and the rest of the guys. Will be back for sure!
    Maxime Dautresme
    Hong Kong
  • The boat’s awesome. It has history, heritage, and is comfortable in just the right way. The food is great - Wayan kills it in the kitchen. But most importantly, these guys are obsessed with only surfing empty spots, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get you there. A perfect trip.
    Damien Drew
    Sidney, Australia
  • What I really like is the cozy nature of time spent on the Anne Judith. It’s affordable for a group of friends, and who wants that insta-crowd in the water when you only have one trip a year with your mates? It was a great trip just amongst friends. One to remember for a long time.
    Cole Sirucek


Warm tropical waters, with perfectly peeling empty waves. The sun is shining over head, and as you look towards land the turquoise blue sea is backed by the deep green of the rainforest. Just you and your mates sharing the line up for the surf trip of a life time.

The Anne Judith seeks out the best waves for you in some of the most stunning locations in the Indonesian Archipelago. We offer trips in the Mentawais, Telos, Nias and Banyaks. Whichever destination you choose for your trip, the Anne Judith offers you a passage to a place where every surfer’s dreams come true and you’ll ride the best waves of your life.

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Up to six people 1600 USD Per Night
Extra person (Max eight people)  100 USD Per Night
Photo package available  120 USD Per Person
Prices are based on six people for a full charter (max. 8 people possible), please contact us for smaller groups.


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Nothing is ever going to be like being in the water yourself, but to get more of an idea about the surf experience of a life time that you and your mates could soon be enjoying, check out a video of our world right here.

Take a look at life on board, the waves and get a glimpse of the fascinating culture which all combine for an unforgettable trip on the Anne Judith.


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